Induction Kits

Installing a one of the many performance Induction kits held in stock at Mad Motors, will allow more air into the engine. Your engine compensates by introducing more fuel, resulting in the engine producing more power.

Designed to replace the stock OEM air filters fitted as standard, these induction kits can range from a simple paper filter replacement to a full air ram system. The result is a less restrictive air intake system.

Quality induction kits also have the benefit of adding a sporty growl to the engine note, these units combine well with performance exhaust systems and manifolds.

Induction kits are one of the most popular aftermarket modifications whether you are looking for outright power gains or a more custom engine bay.

Mad Motors are proud to be a leading suppliers of world-beating K&N 57i induction kits, offering the most significant performance enhancement available, whatever you drive.

Mad Motors can offer you expert knowledge throughout the buying process, along with the most competitive prices available.

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